Town Board

The legislative authority of a town rests in the town board or council. The Hector Town Board is comprised of 6 residents elected for a 4 year term (of one being the Town Supervisor). Any resident is welcomed to run for office. Regular town board meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Hector Town Hall. Residents are encouraged to attend and be in the know of local government affairs. Board meetings are also live streamed and recorded online at

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the spring 2020 meeting were held online via Zoom.  View the meetings here:
April 14, 2020  
May 13, 2020 Password: 5b*HJ#5#
June 9, 2020 Password: [email protected] 

Besides the monthly board meeting, board members participate in various committee meetings (current committees are: finance, personnel, public safey, communication, Smith Park, highway); as well as special annual reorganization, audit and budget meetings.

Town Board MembersLiz Martin, Alvin White, Justin Boyette, Mike Bergen, Bob Barton, Jessica Rodgers

Town Board Members 2020

Alvin White - Town Supervisor (2020-2024)

Alvin White is a native of Burdett, NY; his family has lived in the area for nine generations since the first military settlements in the 1700’s.   For approximately 40 years he has served the community, first in the Burdett Fire Department and Ambulance Core and then on the Hector Town Board as a Councilperson since 1998 and Town Supervisor since 2016.   In his private career, Alvin spent 45 years in the field of quality engineering and management with Schweizer Aircraft, Sikorsky Aircraft and Therm Incorporated.  Currently he is semi-retired and enjoys spending time with his wife of (how many) years, 2 daughters and 5 grandsons. 
Phone: 607-546-5286 ext 225
Email (click link): Alvin White

Bob Barton - Town Council (2018-2022)

Retiring from Rhode Island, Bob Barton worked for the Navy Underwater Sound Lab for 30 years. He started as a software engineer and then managed research in underwater acoustics. He and his wife Shirley, a native of Hector, moved back to her family farm in 2004 in Mecklenburg, after permanently removing his watch. Bob loves the Finger Lakes, especially Hector, and offers his engineering talent to help our community thrive in today’s changing world. Besides the Town Board, Bob volunteers in various organizations that serve our environment: the Master Forest Owner/Volunteer Program, the Community Science Institute, Seneca Lake Pure Water Association and the Finger Lakes Trail Conference. In his private time, Bob and Shirley cultivate a small scale vegetable and grain farm, enjoy time with their grandkids and walk the dogs around the 100 A farm everyday. Good for the dogs, good for us.  
Phone: 607-387-9224
Email (click link): Bob Barton

Mike Bergen- Town Council (2020-2024)

Justin Boyette - Town Council (2020-2024)

Phone: 607-546-7205
Email (click link): Justin Boyette

Liz Martin - Town Council (2018-2022)

For the last 16 years, Liz has made Hector her home, building and growing Muddy Fingers Farm with her husband, Matthew.  Previously a Board Member of the Ithaca Farmer’s Market, she is a representative and advocate for small agricultural enterprises.  Liz is also an active volunteer in the community, serving on the Hector Library Board and in the library, and as an Election Inspector in past elections.  For the Town Board, she currently participates in two committees: Communications and Personnel.  Besides small agriculture, Liz’s top priorities are building a stronger sense of community, protecting the waters of Seneca Lake and improving our recycling system. She is honored to serve the citizens of this beautiful and vibrant community by serving on the Town Board. 
Phone: 607-689-2191

Jessica Rodgers - Town Council (2018-2022)

Originally from the Midwest, Jessica moved to Hector in 2000 with her husband Jon.  For over a decade she owned a wellness practice that served the area through yoga and various other healing modalities.  Then in 2010, with much community support, she and Jon opened Two Goats Brewing. As a participant and witness to the growth of Hector, Jessica feels it is important to be proactive and forward thinking in balancing the town’s  economic growth with its natural, rural environment.  For this reason, she ran for Town Board. Important themes for her are community participation, economic development and environmental conservation. She sits on three committees: Communications, Finance and Public Health & Safety.  
Phone: 607-273-2555
Email (click link): Jessica Rodgers