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What Determines Property Taxes?

Property tax is primarily based on the property’s value and the housing market. When there is a high demand to live in an area, but a low supply of houses or land for sale, the value goes up. Buyers will compete with higher offers which means a house may sell at a considerably higher dollar value than its appraised value. Every 4 years, parcels are reassessed to bring their appraised value to reflect the current market value.  If a house sells for $50,000 more than its appraised value, with reassessment, the appraised value will reflect the increase of $50,000. The inverse also happens if the house sells for less than appraised value. This, in turn, can influence values on a wider level in a neighborhood or community if there is evidence of a trend. 

Duties of the Assessor

The Assessor does not assess a tax.  The Assessor's legal responsibility is to determine the fair market value of your property, so that the tax burden can be fairly and equitably distributed. The amount of taxes you pay is determined by a Tax Rate applied to your property's Assessed Value.  Continue reading here...

Jessica Ryan - Tax Assessor
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