Town Supervisor

The Town Supervisor is one of the 6 elected Town Board members holding a 4 year term. In the Town of Hector, the Supervisor is also the chief fiscal officer, although they hold no stronger voting power than other board members.

Alvin White  -  Town Supervisor (2020-2023)

Alvin White is a native of Burdett, NY; his family has lived in the area for nine generations since the first military settlements in the 1700’s.   For approximately 40 years he has served the community, first in the Burdett Fire Department and Ambulance Core and then on the Hector Town Board as a Councilperson since 1998 and Town Supervisor since 2016.   In his private career, Alvin spent 45 years in the field of quality engineering and management with Schweizer Aircraft, Sikorsky Aircraft and Therm Incorporated.  Currently he is semi-retired and enjoys spending time with his wife of (how many) years, 2 daughters and 5 grandsons.
Phone: 607-546-5286 ext 225
Email (click link): Supervisor