Licenses & Permits

Dog Licenses

The Town of Hector requires that all dogs 4 months of age and older be licensed.  Tickets to appear in Town Court can be issued for harboring an unlicensed dog.  Proof of current rabies vaccination must be valid for at least 30 days at time license is renewed (certificate issued by vet) required for licensing along with proof of spay/neuter for new licenses.

License renewals may be paid online under the "Dog License Quick Pay" in the left menu. New licenses or renewal licenses that require spay certificate or updated rabies vaccination need to be paid in person or by mail.

Spayed or Neutered$10.00
Unspayed / Unneutered$20.00

Marriage Licenses

Must be purchased a minimum of 24 hours in advance of ceremony and is valid for 60 days.  Must present a birth certificate (with raised seal), valid ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.); and divorce papers if previously married (must show date and where filed).  Application must be done in person by both parties.

Marriage License Application$40.00
Copy of Marriage Certificate$10.00 Each

Hunting / Fishing Licenses

License year runs from September 1st through August 31st each year.  New year’s licenses are available for purchase beginning in August each year.

Deer Management Permits:  Must be applied for by October 1st annually, and are available beginning in August.  Hunters must show their driver's license or past hunting license at time of purchase. 

Landowner Permit:  Landowners must present their property information prior to processing application for a DMP.

Sign Permits

Permits are required for all off-premise signs.  Applications are available at the Town Hall.  Application must include a description and/or picture of the sign; detailed description of placement; written permission from landowner.  All applications are reviewed by the Town Board for approval.

Fireworks Display Permit

Application for Fireworks Display Permit required.  Sponsoring organizations limited to municipalities, fair associations, amusement parks, and organizations of individuals.