Zoning Commission

The Town of Hector’s Zoning Commission is a body charged with creating a plan for the possible implementation of zoning. Its meetings are open to the public. Ten town residents were appointed to the commission by the town board following an application process in fall of 2017.

Contact email: paulzoningcomm@gmail.com

Mission statement:
The Town of Hector Zoning Commission will explore the question of zoning with the goal of creating a plan to best complement goals drawn from the town’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan and to address the needs of residents, landowners and businesses in the community, as well as the needs of its natural resources and local economy.

The commission commits to acting thoughtfully, in the best interest of the town, its environment, economy and residents’ wishes, to leaving aside personal biases and to acting swiftly while still taking care to honor all interests and aspects involved.

The commission will first study the topic of zoning and its application in neighboring and peer communities, will create a draft initial plan and begin to collect feedback from residents through public forum, and will present to the town board for a decision once it feels the proposed plan is ready.
Chairperson: Paul Bursic - Searsburg
Vice Chairperson: Kara Cusolito - Burdett
Recording Secretary: Marty Conwell - Hector
Member: Mike Bergen - Mecklenburg
Member: Larry Jaynes - Village of Burdett
Member: David LaMoreaux - Hector
Member: Peggy Scott - Burdett
Member: Charley Stevenson - Bennettsburg
Member: Linda Tikofsky - Mecklenburg
Member: Lori Welliver - Hector